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Sar-El’s Executive Director Retires

After some 15 years of service to Sar-El our highly-respected Executive Director, Israel Geva, is retiring. All of us at Sar-El wish him well, but want him to know that he will be greatly missed.  + Read more

Now You Can Buy Sar-El Products!

A new non profit internet store selling Sar-El products has just opened its virtual doors. + Read more

A Spiritually Elevating Experience!

This October was my 6th volunteer stint with SAR-EL and essentially the third with the same core group of volunteers—we are becoming like family.  This trip we served at an Air Force logistics activity near Tel Aviv.  It was a great experience, we all worked very hard, and I learned a great deal about the IDF again, and interestingly, a great deal about the connections between the IDF and the United States’ logistical support for the state of Israel. + Read more

שר אל: המפעל הלאומי למתנדבים לישראל (ע”ר) – מספר 58004992-2

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