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Strengthening My Connection to Israel

I wanted to take this opportunity to share my experiences with the Sar-El Program.   Participants in this program spend up to three weeks working on an army base in Israel. The mission of my particular communications base is to fix and distribute electronics and transmitting devices to the army. The base supplies devices to the troops in the southern part of the country.  + Read more

What an Experience!

What an experience [I had]! My group was assigned to the Southern Command base in the Negev about 20 miles southwest of Beersheva. I volunteered for work in the field, which involved finalizing maintenance on tanks and armored personnel carriers and then closing them up in what amounted to industrial grade zip-lock bags. It was extremely physically challenging but I can say that I enjoyed every moment.

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שר אל: המפעל הלאומי למתנדבים לישראל (ע”ר) – מספר 58004992-2
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