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I Am a Sar-Elnik!

I am a Sar-Elnik.  Every year I come to Israel, put on an IDF work uniform and go to work in a hot warehouse on an IDF base somewhere in Israel.  I work hard, I sweat, and my back aches so I take pills.  After all I am 70 years old, I wouldn’t do this at home.  + Read more

Giving Back With Sar-El

As a Soviet refugee who came to the United States in the 1970s, I have always felt a deep sense of debt to Israel. In those days, the only legal way for Soviet Jews to flee the communist regime was for “family reunification.” Israeli activists provided the formal invitations from fictitious relatives in Israel, which paved our road to freedom. + Read more

שר אל: המפעל הלאומי למתנדבים לישראל (ע”ר) – מספר 58004992-2
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