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Impressions From a First-Time Sar-Elnik

Why are you doing this? Pretty much everyone I talked to about Sar El asked that same question. It’s so dangerous, you’re not that religious, you were never in the service, and so forth. There were plenty of reasons to stay home. + Read more

Showing Solidarity With Israel in War Time

Now it was time again for my second volunteer service at Sar-El in August 2014. How quickly the year had passed since my first time on Sar-El in August 2013. In January, I had started to count the months until August, in May the weeks, in July the days and, finally, the hours.  + Read more

שר אל: המפעל הלאומי למתנדבים לישראל (ע”ר) – מספר 58004992-2
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