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Discovering the IDF From Within

When visiting Israel for the first time, it is hard to miss numbers of young Israelis, dressed in olive-green and carrying a weapon by their side, – the conscripts of the Israel Defense Forces. 

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Sar-El: I Will Definitely Return!

The Sar-El program worked out really well, better than I expected!  Sar-El Coordinator Pam, along with a few madrichim, greeted us at the airport and had everything arranged to transport us to our assigned locations.  + Read more

A “Miracle” In The Negev?

The chamsin [hot desert wind] was blowing and the extreme heat was almost unbearable as we uncovered tanks to reveal the glory that defends us; but the price that my feet paid was beyond belief. Within a few hours the soles of my precious sneakers said goodbye and fell off.  + Read more

שר אל: המפעל הלאומי למתנדבים לישראל (ע”ר) – מספר 58004992-2
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