Newsletter- Issue No. 71 – January 2017

Dear Friends,

We are now set to complete another successful year, during which volunteers came to Sar-El from many different countries around the world.

We’ve had repeat volunteers,  as well as newcomers who had never experienced Sar-El and even volunteers who came to serve with some of their family members.

I met a mother, who had formerly served in Sar-El, who now brought her daughter to volunteer for the first time, and a grandfather who had come with his grandson. There were also husbands who had served before and were now bringing their wives to volunteer, and wives who had served in the past now bringing their husbands to Sar-El.

For those of us in Sar-El Israel, the arrival of these new volunteers is encouraging and reinforces our positive belief about the value of our program.


During the past year we have needed to clarify the fact that there is absolutley no connection nor comparison to the recruitment of volunteers to Sar-El,  as to what is being done to recruit fighters to ISIS.

This all came about in Europe when one of our representatives was interrogated and questioned about recruiting volunteers to serve in Sar-El.  Our response to these unseemly accusations is to clarify that we are a non-profit volunteer organization and we do not recruit anyone to fight for Israel or the IDF. 

We have put this detailed explanation in writing and have even published it on our website. We also invite you to utilize this document should you ever be called upon to explain the activities of Sar-El.

Everyone in the world is entitled to disagree with Israel’s actions, political or otherwise, but comparing us to a jihadist organization has no validity and no connection to the situation in Israel. 

We at Sar-El believe in the solidarity as shown by our volunteers and we are determined to continue unabated with our  program that enjoys the support and help of so many dedicated volunteers around the world. 


Israel Geva

Executive Director, Sar-El

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