Sar-El Sends Condolences to:



Our deepest condolences go to Jennie and Len Goldstone on

the passing of their dear son, George. Our condolences also

go to George’s new wife, Lauren, George’s sister, Catherine,

nephew Judah, brother-in law Mark.

           May his memory be a blessing.


Suzanne Hoffert on the loss of her nephew.


Andy Uhr on the loss of his mother.


Anna Krasko on the loss of her father.


The family of Leslie Samuel. Leslie was a Sar-El volunteer, an Auschwitz

survivor, the 1st police officer for Nazareth and a grandfather of 5 children.

He also provided testimony to the Spielberg holocaust videos. 


The family of Sar-Elnik Al Weinstein


The family of Sar-Elnik David Galler.


The family of Norm Sheinwold on his passing.


         The family and friends of Harry Morrow on his passing.


          Condolences to the family of Elie Wiesel and to the world.

         He was an inspiration to us all. He taught us what the

         words “Never Forget” mean.

         May his memory be blessed.


      The family of Marco Abravanel.


       The friends and family of Murray Abrams.


The family of Thelma Barnell on her passing.


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