Mazal Tov

Sar-El Wishes a Hearty Mazal Tov to:


Sar-El Board member Steven Kalmek on the birth of his grandson.



Mollie Adatto on her marriage.


                            Claudia Duncan on her marriage.


                      Mazal tov to Carrie Taylor on her marriage to William.


Gigi and Irwin Bressler on the marriage of their granddaughter  (they clean up nicely after being on a base, don’t they?)


Bernie and Leah Weinberger on the birth of their new grandchild, as well as to Roxy and Michael Weinberger, the parents of the baby (who are also Sar-Elnicks). 



Marian and Shelly Sacks on the birth of their grandson, Asher.



Suzanne Hoffert on her marriage to Itzik.



          Brian Friedman on his aliyah.



       Walter Berk on his aliyah.


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