Kol Havod to Yegal!

A few months ago, when Sar-Elnik Yegal was here on a program, he offered Program Coordinator Pamela a smart phone. Pamela gratefully declined,


saying she already has a good phone and  doesn’t need another one. So it was suggested to give the phone to Ben, who often collects equipment for IDF soldiers. Ben decided to save it for an opportune time to give to a needy soldier.

Yesterday (Jan. 22) Ben wrote a letter to Yegal, saying that the phone was given to a young lone soldier named Josh who was injured in a training accident when his “hummer” flipped over. Josh was pinned for 30 minutes under the vehicle but thankfully only had minor injuries. However his phone was destroyed. So Ben gave Yegal’s phone to Josh.

This is what our Sar-El volunteers do. Kol hakavod to Yegal and Ben. And of course we wish the best of everything to Josh.

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