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Poem: Upstairs, Downstairs 1947

Poem written by Sar-Elnik Brad (on right, red shirt.)
























By Brad J.

I Will Be Returning

When I arrived in the early hours of the morning at Ben Gurion Airport, I was rather apprehensive but excited.

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My Time At The Base

As many of you know, I participate in the Sar-El Program which involves work on an army base in Israel.  I just finished three weeks of volunteer work on the only base that handles medical supplies for the entire Israeli army.  Read more >

Hoping To Inspire You

By: Phillip D.

Before I begin recounting my first Sar-El experience I think it would be appropriate to explain the origin of Sar-El.

Sar-El was founded in 1982 by General Davidi who was the force behind the programme and from 1982 to the end of his life, it was his life!  The name is an acronym from the Hebrew which translates as volunteer service for Israel.  Read more >

Sharing the Difficult Moments of Conflict

By: Johnny Cahn

This was my fifth Sar-El stint, and as with every other one, this again was the best.  Of course, I can’t say where we went and what we saw, but this trip was truly special.  We were at a base in an area that I never thought we would be sent to; we served with a battalion that I never thought we would be assigned to.  Read more >

Sar-El: A Leap in Time

Last summer, everything was set, all my papers, my tickets and, not least, my expectations. After years of supporting the country from afar, how would it be to support Israel with my own hands and in very special mission, serving as a volunteer ad the Tsahal, the IDF? However, the afternoon before my flight, one of my two sons had an unfortunate bike accident so I had to postpone my trip and stay with him. (I am a widower, so I am the one looking after them.) Read more >

Celebrating Thanksgiving Sar-El Style!

I have done Sar-El a number of times. The first was because I felt a need to contribute to Israel. I now come back for the same reason and more. 

First, it is fun, a lot of fun. And, I have met really interesting people and made some lifelong friends. Read more >

Reflecting on Sar-El

It is a changing world, and the French saying-  ‘Plus ca change, plus c’est  meme chose’ (the more things change the more they remain the same’) is certainly true!

In a changing world the most constant thing is the Jewish Homeland – Jerusalem still has the syndrome – its still beautiful in its own way, and its still Ha Aretz the land with a heart.

I love the fact that to  Hebrew speaker – there are only two places on earth ‘Ha Aretz, and Bachoots l” Aretz) – the land and outside the land. Read more >

A Miracle In The Negev?

The chamsin [hot desert wind] was blowing and the extreme heat was almost unbearable as we uncovered tanks to reveal the glory that defends us; but the price that my feet paid was beyond belief. Within a few hours the soles of my precious sneakers said goodbye and fell off.  Read more >

It’s Never Too Late to Celebrate Your Bar Mitzvah


Sar-El is once again pleased to have hosted another Bar Mitzvah on an  IDF base.

Daniel Wise’s recent celebration proves it’s never too late. Read more >

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