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Impressions From a First-Time Sar-Elnik

Why are you doing this? Pretty much everyone I talked to about Sar El asked that same question. It’s so dangerous, you’re not that religious, you were never in the service, and so forth. There were plenty of reasons to stay home.But even before Operation Protective Edge began this summer (2014), I felt, increasingly, that I had to do something more… well, more intimate than just sending a check to an Israeli charity from time to time. Read more >

Showing Solidarity With Israel in War Time

Now it was time again for my second volunteer service at Sar-El in August 2014. How quickly the year had passed since my first time on Sar-El in August 2013. In January, I had started to count the months until August, in May the weeks, in July the days and, finally, the hours. 

Despite the tensions in the Middle East (Gaza conflict), I had not cancelled my planned journey. Especially in the current situation, it was very important to demonstrate solidarity with Israel and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). 

At the Ben-Gurion-Airport I was awaited again by the familiar arrival hall and the Swarovski booth where I was welcomed by Pamela. I was full of excitement again like last year. What base would I be assigned to? What kind of people would I meet this year? After the arrival of all volunteers, we started our journey to the base.  Read more >

Boots On the Ground

With the term ‘Boots on the Ground’ back in the news, I am reminded of a previous ‘Boots’ story.  Having just returned from Israel where boots unfortunately but necessarily had to be on the ground in and around Gaza recently, I offer this tale…….
We were advised to bring thick work socks. 
Volunteers arriving in Israel to provide essential civilian support services at various army bases had that advisory on their suggested packing lists. 

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A Moral Victory Over the Holocaust

February of 2014 began my second volunteer experience with Sar-El.  I volunteered for the medical supply activity near Tel Aviv  because the work there is truly life saving.  I wrote last year that no one could volunteer for Sar-El  just once, and it bears repeating.  Sar-El is an instant, permanent re-connection to your roots, a deep source of nourishment for the Jewish soul.  You come home from Sar-El  emotionally elevated.  Read more >

IDF Soldier Thanks Sar-Elnik

Dear Tim,

I have to say that I am writing this letter with great joy! I
am just happy to have had the opportunity [to meet] you,
and I hope you did too.

Your first day at our base was on February the
2nd, 2014. You just came here, to Israel, after a long flight
from the United States of America. And if I may say, you
jumped right into the pool called IDF. You have gotten some
army uniforms, SAR-EL hat and some more stuff they had for
you. You met your 2 commanders of the group (whom one was
replaced after the first week in favor of Yuval), and of
course, you met the members of your group. That basically
was the first day. Read more >

Sar-Elnik Documents Experience in Video

Sar-Elnik Rita’s video on her recent experience on the Sar-El base and in Israel. Looking forward to seeing you back in Sar-El again soon Rita! Click here to watch:

Sar-El: “A Deeply Rewarding Experience”

Day 1:  I awake to a bright and sunny morning in Tel Aviv with a mixture of feelings from anticipation, excitment and a few fears, not knowing exactly what I will experience on the program.  The guide I received informs me that the work will be varied, accomodation will be basic.  Whatever the case may be it will be something different and certainly unique.
I make my way to Ben Gurion airport and arrive at the Swarovski shop and register with Pamela.  She places a sticker on me with the name of my base on it. There are a few people there already, some are repeat volunteers.  There are people from all over the world, Caada, USA, The Netherlands, Finland, France and Australia.

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Sar-Elniks Pack Supplies for Philippines

Sar-Elniks packing food and medical supplies for disaster victims in the Phillipines share a light-hearted moment.  Take a look!





IDF Chief of Staff Visits Sar-El

Israeli Army Chief of Staff Benny Gantz stopped by to visit with some of our Sar-Elniks.

A very proud moment for our unit!

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