Issue No. 69 – Oct. – Dec. 2015

Dear Friends,

As you know, we are currently in a situation in which we are on the receiving end of daily terror attacks by Palestinians. These attacks are the result of an ongoing incitement campaign by Palestinian political and radical religious leaders calling on Palestinians to attack the Israeli civilian population.

The greatest difficulty with these attacks is that one cannot predict when they will occur, nor prepare a defense against them. The attackers are usually young boys or girls who get up one morning, take a knife and decide to go out and try to kill innocent Israelis. There is absolutely no way to know ahead of time where these attackers will appear or when they will strike. The situation is further complicated as many of them look like young Israelis, and many young Israelis look similar to Palestinians. For that reason one simply cannot predict who the terrorists are until they strike.

The State of Israel has added reinforcements to its security forces in order to protect citizens, but cannot put a policeman or soldier on every square meter of the country and along the border regions. Israeli citizens have an important role to play in securing their own defense and are doing so with great proficiency. There have been cases of mistaken identity which have ended tragically sometimes costing the lives of innocent people. It is very difficult to stand in judgment on those who have made such mistakes as most of us have never been in such a situation. On the other hand, it must be made clear to the civilian population that during an attack, civilians must move aside and allow the security forces to do their job.

We all hope that this difficult period will come to an end quickly so that can return to our normal daily lives. Until then, Israel is a strong nation and knows how to withstand events such as these.

Concerning Sar-El volunteers, I am happy to point out that during the last tour of Sar-El duty which began on October 11th, 300 volunteers from around the world were set to arrive and no one cancelled. For that we extend our thanks and say well done to our volunteers!

Yesterday I visited some of our bases and spoke with our volunteers, all of whom expressed their satisfaction with the program. They know that they have to be extra-careful, especially when they go off the army base for the weekend, but they are not afraid. Most of them think that in the current situation it is more important than ever to be in Israel and they are proud to be here.

I would to again express my thanks to all the Sar-El representatives, organizations and individuals who work so hard to ensure that volunteers come to Israel. Your efforts have great merit and make a huge contribution to the ongoing success of Sar-El.



Israel Geva

Executive Director, Sar-El


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