Newsletter Issue No. 70 – May. – Aug. 2016

Dear Friends,

We recently marked Holocaust Day in Israel, an event interconnected with the establishment of the State of Israel. 

Holocaust day was marked throughout Israel by ceremonies and memorials to the six million Jewish people  killed by the Nazis, among them more than a million children. The facts of our tragic and still recent past momentarily united all the people of Israel. It is just a shame that we only seem to know how to join together on days such as these . But there is hope that we will all know how to stand together and insist that a tragedy such as the holocaust will never happen again.

The upsurge in anti-Semitism around the world obligates us as the Jewish Nation to stand together as one, strong and implacable in the face of this evil, so that we will continue to exist. We have a strong army in Israel, a thriving country and together with World Jewry we can withstand any outside threat.

The 68th Independence Day celebrations that took place just one week ago further strengthened us and gave us hope that we are going in the right direction. Yes, around us there is discord, wars and the killing of hundreds of thousands of people. We are the only democratic country in the entire Middle East.

Our hearts were filled with joy watching the many beautiful Independence Day celebrations in Jerusalem. We were especially proud to see the many outstanding officers and soldiers being honored at the President’s Residence in the capital city. Among them was Sergeant Shani, a madricha from Sar-El.

However, let us not forget those families who have lost their loved ones in the fight to establish and defend the State of Israel. Our hearts are with the bereaved families.

To our dear volunteers:  your continued arrival at Sar-El encourages not only us at Sar-El, but also the IDF and the entire country, all of whom greatly appreciate your ongoing assistance and support.



Israel Geva

Executive Director, Sar-El

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