Newsletter No. 72 – August 2017

Dear Friends,

Yesterday I visited various army bases around the country, which gave me the opportunity to meet with groups of Sar-El volunteers during their working hours.  I met with French groups, Spanish groups, international groups, groups of seniors and groups of young people from around the world.

I returned home very satisfied and encouraged and I was very pleased to have had a chance to personally thank the groups for coming to volunteer with Sar-El.  I also enjoyed talking to the volunteers and answering their questions.

Every meeting and conversation I have with our volunteers only serves to strengthen my belief that the Sar-El team is doing absolutely the best thing for the State of Israel. Together with our volunteers we are truly in a “Win-Win” situation. 

Everyone benefits from the Sar-El program: The State of Israel, the IDF, and our volunteers. Together we comprise a winning team. Our volunteers understand the need to lend a hand and the importance of their work, all levels of the IDF personnel have a great appreciation for their efforts, and the volunteers themselves continually express their gratitude for the existence of our program, which enables them to come to Israel and make a direct contribution with their labor.

I am aware that there is room for improvement regarding our program, and that things do not always run perfectly. We are continually trying to make changes to improve both our work program on the bases and the living conditions of our volunteers.

We are also trying to give our volunteers an enriching experience, beyond the field trips and the evenings with our madrichot. We have started and will continue to offer half-day seminars to be held with professional speakers from the Stand With Us organization. These seminars will help give our volunteers the tools with which to answer some of the more difficult questions about the policies of The State of Israel, especially in the face of those who speak against our country. These seminars will continue to be offered as long as our volunteers are interested and wish to participate.

I am frequently asked during which months we have the greatest need for volunteers. The situation is as follows: during the summer months, June, July and August, we are inundated with volunteers. It is also important to note that we cannot accept volunteers during Passover, and the Rosh Hashana period. However, we would like to receive more volunteers for the months of November, December, January and February. 

I would like to gratefully thank all of our Sar-El representatives abroad, as well as all of the organizations that work tirelessly our behalf. May we all have continued success with our efforts.  



Israel Geva

Executive Director, Sar-El

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