Newsletter No. 74 – April 2018

Dear Friends,

After 15 years as the Executive Director of Sar-El I have decided to retire. I will continue to assist and be part of Sar-El for as long as I am able.

I have been fortunate to serve in this very interesting position together with such a wonderful group of people.

Every meeting with our volunteers, all such lovely people, touched me emotionally and provided me with the strength and energy to continue in my job. I always made a point of saying this to our volunteers and I would like to reiterate that our volunteers are exceptionally wonderful people.

I do not know many people in the world who would be prepared to pay their own plane ticket to come to another country to work and help out. Their arrival demonstrates the great honor and mark of respect that they bestow upon Israel and the IDF. This respect is returned to them by both the IDF and the country, who have great trust in our Sar-El volunteers and are honored to provide them with this unique experience.  

Our cooperation and work with the IDF, and especially with the unit we directly assist, is not something that we take for granted and these components form the unique link that guarantees the success of Sar-El. This year was our 36th year of operation and every year thousands of volunteers arrive and often return to serve again, frequently bringing their children, grandchildren, or other family members with them. In addition, when they return home to their own country, their positive experience with Sar-El enables them to often serve as unofficial ambassadors for Israel.

During my years working for Sar-El, I was fortunate to enjoy the full support of the Sar-El Board of Directors and its Chairman of the Board, General Zvi Shur, as well as the support of our late founder, General Aharon Davidi (may his memory be a blessing).  I would like to take this opportunity to thank them as their ongoing assistance and support has enabled me to perform my duties and ensured the continued success of Sar-El.

I would also like to thank the dedicated and long-serving Sar-El employees, Pamela and Simona and express my appreciation and admiration for their hard work. They have assisted our organization for many years and have worked tirelessly to help make us a success. My thanks also to those outside the organization who have worked with us over the years. Thanks to Stacey Miller, our Sar-El Web Editor, who has been part of Sar-El  for many years, writing and editing this website.

The arrival of volunteers from so many countries around the world is the product of much hard work carried out by organizations, our representatives and individuals in these countries. I would like to thank these organizations, their directors and all of the individuals who have utilized their free time and their own funds to help our organization and bring new volunteers to Sar-El.

Sar-El owes its existence to the cooperation and connection between our organization and the IDF Sar-El unit. This is what enables our volunteers to serve the IDF and ensures that they are correctly received within the army framework.  My thanks to the IDF for their assistance over the years.

I want to wish all those who work and support Sar-El continued success in all of their endeavors; and to my successor Colonel Shlomo Stav, I wish you the best of luck and hope that you will enjoy your time with Sar-El.


Israel Geva

Executive Director


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