Remembering Sar-El Founder Davidi

Sar-El Founder General Aaron Davidi (z”l) had made a point of regularly visiting the volunteers on their IDF bases, and Sar-Elniks Jack and Sylvia say they had often met him while on the program. 

We recall our first invitation to dinner, on Nov 4 1995, at the Davidi home.

We were honored, and happily accepted, although it conflicted with our planned attendance at a scheduled Peace Rally in Tel Aviv to mark the recently concluded OSLO Accord.

Davidi and his wife Hassida were gracious hosts- little did any of us know that while we were enjoying our meal, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin (z”l) was assassinated! At the rally that we had missed!

We only learned of the assassination after Davidi returned us to our hotel.

That wasn’t quite the social event that had been intended.

Jack and Sylvia Bordan

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