Read All This Before You Come (page 2)

  • Read This #07

    Make sure you bring a pair of closed shoes & socks (instead of just sandals). Not all bases provide army boots and you cannot wear sandals while you work. No tank tops or short shorts are allowed on bases.

  • Read This #08

    If you bring a computer to the base please note that  Sar-El is not responsible for any damage or loss.

  • Read This #09

    Please make sure to check your flight departure times; airlines will not refund a missed departure

  • Read This #10

    Please carry all medicines, copies of prescriptions, clean underwear and socks and your Sar-El papers in your carry-on luggage.

  • Read This #11

    Please refrain from taking pictures of anything which you might even think may be classified or sensitive. We WILL reject volunteers for future programs if they disobey the rules. This also includes mentioning the names and specific locations of the bases.

  • Read This #12

    Before you leave home, please tell your credit card company that you will be in Israel and give them the correct dates.

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