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What to Pack For Sar-El Participants

Packing List for Sar-El

*First and foremost, bring your sense of humor, team spirit, and an open mind.

We suggest you bring the following:

1. Towels, sheet, pillow (if you need one)

 2. Personal toilet articles: comb, brush, soap, shampoo, etc.

 3. Heavy sweat or sport socks to wear with work boots

4. Bathing suit

5. Warm clothing, raincoat and liner during cold months (Oct. through April)

6. Kleenex

7. Shower clogs/water shoes

8. Sunglasses, sun hat, sunscreen

9. Sweater or jacket or sweatshirt

10. Underwear and socks

11. An extra pair of eyeglasses

12. Copies of prescriptions in generic terms for any medication you take; antibiotics, cold medicine, etc.

13. Small overnight bag or backpack or small case on wheels (for weekends)

14. 3 Copies of your application documents, including Medical Form, Waiver, your health and accident insurance card or policy, and your passport

15. A sense of humor!



1. Insect repellent – warm weather

2. Scotch tape/masking tape

3. Individual coffee/tea bags/ hot chocolate

4. Peanut butter, tuna, snacks, etc., ( if you don’t think you’ll like army food). You can always buy things at supermarkets in Israel

5. Extension cord

6. Nail brush

7. Moleskin (moleform) for blisters, corns, etc.

8. Work gloves (some work areas provide them)

9. Small collapsible plastic cup

10. Small plastic stick-up hooks

11. Gifts for soldiers and workers on your base

12. Playing cards/small travel games

13. Zip lock plastic bags (different sizes)

14. Money belt

15. Flashlight

16. Small hand mirror

17. Clothesline, clothespins

18. Combination lock


CLOTHES – Laundry is done by hand on the base. You can use Laundromats on weekends.

1. Casual clothes can be worn after daily work period.

2. Good walking shoes

3. Do not bring a lot of clothes – you’ll be carrying your suitcases!



1. All electric appliances: shavers, traveling irons, portable radios, hair dryers (Universal) need special 220-110 volt step-down converter for Israeli current as well as a plug adaptor for Israeli outlets.

2. Cameras are permitted. DO NOT PHOTOGRAPH any army equipment (due to security regulations). You must get permission to photograph anything in camp or risk confiscation of film.

3. Bring only such jewelry as you will wear at all times.

4. ATM card is recommended




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