Since its inception and up through the end of 2010, the Sar-El volunteer project has brought in over 160,000 volunteers of which many have since made “Aliyah” and have become Israeli citizens. For these achievements, “Sar-El” was awarded the Chairman of the Knesset (Israeli parliament) Award. In 1990, “Sar-El” initiated a rehabilitation project for disabled veterans of the Israeli Defense Forces through the Ministry of Defense. The scope of the project shows constant growth, with increasing numbers of disabled veterans serving on military bases as “Sar-El” volunteers. “Sar-El”‘s chairman and founder, Dr. Aharon Davidi (z”l), was one of three prize-winners awarded the annual Moskowitz Prize for Zionism in 2010. Davidi also received the President’s Award for his dedication to the volunteer project over the years. In year 2000, in recognition of the achievements of Sar-El, Davidi was given the honor of lighting of 1 of the 12 memorial torches on Mt. Herzl in celebration of Israel’s Independence Day. In year 2001, Sar-El volunteers were invited to the home of the President of the State of Israel on two separate occasions in recognition of their outstanding volunteer activities. Many Israeli senior citizens have joined the “Sar-El” volunteer program on a part time basis. The volunteer project’s great appeal is manifested not only in increasing numbers of both new volunteers and those who return again and again, but also in the growing number of active supporters in Israel and abroad. For the past two years (2010,2011) two of our madrichot have won Outstanding Soldier of the Year awards, bestowed by Israel’s president. After Davidi’s passing in 2012, the Sar-El organization has continued his legacy with pride. The Sar-El Board of Directors voted in General Zvi Shur as the new Chairman of our organization and we are continuing to embody Davidi’s principles in all of our organization’s undertakings.  

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