Since its inception, Sar-El has brought almost 250,000 volunteers to Israel to assist on IDF
bases relieving the citizens of Israel of millions of hours of logistical support work.
 Our contributions has resulted in several of our madrichot being named outstanding soldier of the year by the IDF while our founder, Dr. Davidi won the Moskowitz prize for his outstanding contribution to Zionism in 2012.
Our volunteers have returned to their home communities with a 
better understanding of our country and as well-informed ambassadors of what we face.
volunteers have also chosen to make Aliyah and become citizens of Israel.
 In addition to our 
volunteer work, Sar-El started a program for disabled veterans with the Dept of Defense to have many of these experienced soldiers assist on the bases and reintegrate back into the IDF.
chairman, Gen. Zvi Shur was appointed in 2012 and continues to innovate and grow our Sar-El efforts on the behalf of the armed forces.5