Callie Kim – From Taiwan to Sar-El

Everything was awesome and wonderful. I bet that there are no experiences like this program. It  was my first time joining the military volunteer program; first time to touch the tanks; first time to wash the weapons; first time to try to learn Hebrew…


So many good memories pop out  in my mind! 

The people I met, no matter if  they  were  volunteers, soldiers, commanders or family  were  so warm, friendly and funny!  Everything in Israel makes sense for me. I  fell  in love with this country so much! Because of this  experience ,  I had a great chance to see Israel and people in different ways. I totally love  how Israelis  emphasize the importance of family and also the Israeli food is wonderful!! 

I feel like Israel is a very suitable place for me… everything makes sense and when I live there I feel that Israel is a second home for me. It is so weird!! I was born in LA [and live in Taiwan] but every time when I go back to L.A. I only know that my job is going to be to relax and have fun. However, in Israel people, the place and the environment make me feel at home!

Israel is a very warm and unique country.  Thank you again for everything and letting me have wonderful and unforgettable memories! 

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