Sar-El Sends Condolences to:



Harvey Rand on the loss of his wife, Michelle.


The family and friends of Lynne Elster.





The family and friends of Marvin Shapiro who passed away today, January 6, 2018. Marvin was a longtime Sar-El volunteer, back from the early days of our organization. He made aliyah about 19 years ago. Before that, he used to bring groups from the U.S. to Sar-El. Even after his aliyah, he still brought his regular group every year. For the last several years, Marvin has been on the Board of Sar-El because being a part of our organization has always been of utmost importance to him. He was a dear friend of our late founder Aharon Davidi (z”l). Marvin will be missed. May his memory be a blessing.


The friends and family of Mike Taube on his passing.


The friends and family of Jack Markowitz on his passing.


Sylvia Corsham on the loss of her daughter.


Yegal Rosen on the passing of his brother.




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