Helping fight the Corona

The Sher-El unit opened in March with the enrollment of some 140 IDF volunteers from around the world, but as a result of the spread of the Corona virus, they gradually ordered their return to their countries.

Madrichot have become  volunteers themselves, and the only month is summarized in the activity dedicated to helping Corona fight: The Madrichot come to the MDA Logistics Center in Holon every day, and together with BHD 6, they assemble and pack thousands of test kits to all mda stations in the Country. 🚑

Today, at the end of the work day, some even volunteered to make blood donations!

Shar-El instructor,  Michal Elmalh shares:
“Despite the many concerns, my unit friends and I work with a real sense of mission and we are proud of our contribution to the Corona war!”

Champions! ❤️

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