Message From Our Program Coordinator


December, 2018

I recently received a letter from a volunteer after his first Sar-El program. He told me how much he enjoyed it, how inspired and fulfilled he felt, how it was two of the best weeks of his lifetime. He had been a lone soldier here in the IDF from 1978-81 so this time back on an army base was extra special for him. He told me that he will be back as often as possible.


Reading his message made me realize once again how Sar-El can change people’s lives. There are people who are here for the first time. There are people who have been to Israel many times but this is their first Sar-El program. And of course there are our “veterans” who come back year after year to reconnect with fellow volunteers and to do the program over and over. We veteran volunteers know that we make lifetime friends on Sar-El. We share a common bond, a common goal. We feel fulfilled and accomplished with all we do while on the bases. We share that special feeling that people who have not done our program can never know.


In the last couple weeks, we have lost several dear Sar-El volunteers. Many of us knew these people very well and count them among our dearest friends. Sar-El is a family. When someone passes away, there is a whole Sar-El family which mourns. When a volunteer gets sick, there is a whole Sar-El family praying for his speedy recovery. And when a volunteer has a simcha in his life, there is a whole Sar-El family which shares in his happiness. This is Sar-El. There is nothing else like it and no one like our Sar-El volunteers. There is no better feeling than that of accomplishment and camaraderie which we get from being a Sar-El volunteer.

May 2019 bring you all back to Israel for Sar-El programs. Bring your friends and your family and meet new friends.

I wish everyone health and happiness in 2019.


Miri Sharon


Sar-El Program Coordinator


(In Israel) 054-755-0137 (cell)

(From Abroad) +972- 54-755-0137 (cell)




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