News About Sar-El Volunteers

Sar-Elnik on Fire Patrol

The color of the uniform may have changed, but Sar-Elnik Jacques Pachter is again volunteering; this time patrolling in the forest and  hills to prevent and alert  authorities in case of forest fires. Kol Havod Jacques!













All Because of Sar-El!

I am Don Feinstein and my older brother (Larry), who lives in Flint, MI, never had a Bar Mitzvah.  In 2013 when he heard I would be in Israel, for Sar El, he decided it would be a good time to become a Bar Mitzvah Boy – at age 80.  He arranged with a Jerusalem based organization by the name of ‘Aleh’ to be Bar Mitzvahed with one of their young patients at the Wall.
 It was snowing and raining on the chosen day, so the Bar Mitzvah ceremony was moved indoors to their hospital location.  Everyone in the facility was invited.  Patients, families, staff – everyone.  There was even a Klezmer group from a local school that played for all.  Became one big party with music and lots of food – as it should be.














Promoting Sar-El

Stanley and Gail Greenfield have been working hard promoting

Sar-El to potential volunteers in the U.S.A.

Kol HaKavod!





Malka Hits The Headlines!

Veteran Sar-Elnik Malka Levy made it into her local paper when Israeli soldiers came to visit. The visit was arranged by Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces.




Sar-Elnik Offers Tips On Learning Hebrew


Sar-Elnik Daniel Pomerantz recently put pen to paper to offer advice about learning Hebrew. Take a look at his article here:

In addition to serving in Sar-El, Pomerantz is the CEO of Playboy Israel, a business attorney, political analyst and recent ‘oleh’ to Israel.

Sar-Elnik Publishes New Book


Sar-Elnik, Israeli reserve soldier, and Hollywood screenwriter Dan Gordon has published  a new book called “Day of the Dead.”  Speaking in California, Gordon also warned Americans about the dangers of the US deal with Iran. Take a look at Dan’s address*:

(*The opinions expressed in this video in no way reflect those of the Sar-El organization.)



Sar-Elnik Obtains Doctorate


Sar-El volunteer Judith Sittig obtained a doctorate in medicine at the Utrecht University (Netherlands) after defending her thesis: Child abuse: The Value of Systematic Screening at Emergency Rooms.

Sittig also ran internships at the Ichilov Medical Center in Tel Aviv and at the Magen David Adom ambulance service in Beersheva.


 Photo: Anat van Weegberg



Run Paul, Run!

Sar-El volunteer Paul Borsuk is doing a “Forest Gump” run across the USA. Follow his blog that details the highs and lows of his trip: 



Sar-Elniks Meet in Nevada


NEVADA REUNION of  Sar-El  volunteers, November 2013. Some of the alumni volunteered in 1984. Everyone told humorous stories of their times on IDF bases over the past 30 years and all compared IDF food, work, and accommodations.

Following the event, the Las Vegas Valley Jewish Federation president and the Israeli Shaliach announced that VFI (Sar-El) volunteers will be honored at the next Jewish Federation Annual Board Meeting where each will be awarded Certificates of Appreciation from the Jewish community for service to Israel.

 Pictured above right: Dr. Jeffrey S. Kaiser, VFI Regional Manager for the State of Nevada and Diane S. Kaiser, a VFI-Nevada Ambassador.


 Sar-Elnik Makes Aliyah

Congratulations to Mark Beytas who recently made Aliyah and is now living in Israel.

                                                       Pictured: Mark (on left) during his Sar-El service.



Sar-El’s Uk representative Jennie Goldstone presents the Sar-El version of Frank Sinatra’s classic song ‘My Way.”



*Our Way

(Sung to the tune of MY WAY)

*With apologies to Frank Sinatra, Neil Sedaka and poets everywhere


 And now, the end is near

 And so we face the final breakfast

We came, we had no fear

Our friends at home think we are reckless

We did what we had to do

And may I say, not in a poor way

And more, much more than this,

We did it your way.


Problems, we had a few

The rooms were … There was some tension

And when we went to the loo


I have to mention

But our madrichot planned the weeks so full

And may I say, in such a fair way

And so we followed thru

And did it their way.


Yes there were things I could reveal,

But you’d grow restless with my spiel

We very rarely had a doubt

And when we did, we spit it out

We all stood firm, because we’re proud,

 To do it your way.


Our volunteers from far and wide

They gave their all

 There was no kvetching (almost)

The madrichot, their evening gigs

They did so well and looked so fetching

And ask each mitnedev,to give it up

Call it a day-ay

Oh no, they all said no

And did it their way.


The first Sunday night, we all wore greens

By Monday we, were packed in like sardines

Together we all worked as one

Until the jobs we got were done

If Israel needs, we’ll do good deeds

But do it our way.


We’ve packed and cleaned and screwed

(You should pardon the expression)

We did it all, as we’re directed

And as each project grew, from A to Z

Our skills perfected

At first we were too slow, and then too fast,

We were dissected

But even with no pay

We did it our way


Three meals a day, both cooked and raw

Accommodation like you never saw

The clothes couture, and all in green,

At crack of dawn we were so keen

To jump in the shower

It gave us power

To do it our way.


We’ve cheered, we’ve sobbed and cursed

We’ve had it rough, but we’ve a new wish

To know, as each day ends

We’ve done our stuff, we’ve not been foolish

Because we are Sar-El we have to say

There is no shy way

Oh yes, we did our best

On Sar-El’s highway.


For what is Sar-El without a team?

It’s like a sleep without a dream

Our lives enriched that is the key

To keep Eretz both safe and free

The record shows, we’ll beat our foes


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