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Another Way to Experience Israel

If you would like to contribute to Israel in a meaningful way, learn more about our history and heritage, and make friends from all over the world, may I suggest you consider volunteering with Sar-El.

Sar-EI, an acronym from the Hebrew which translates as Volunteer Service for Israel, was founded in 1982 by Aharon Davidi. Read more >

Experiencing Sar-El in the Desert

I always had a positive attitude about Israel although I wasn’t there until last December. Sar-El gave me a wonderful opportunity to be useful for Israel and simultaneously to see the country. 

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Making Sar-El Part of Your Aliyah

Many retirees make aliyah to Israel and include Sar-El as part of their volunteer lives.  Click here to read more about it:

A Spiritually Elevating Experience

This October was my 6th volunteer stint with SAR-EL and essentially the third with the same core group of volunteers—we are becoming like family.  This trip we served at an Air Force logistics activity near Tel Aviv.  It was a great experience, we all worked very hard, and I learned a great deal about the IDF again, and interestingly, a great deal about the connections between the IDF and the United States’ logistical support for the state of Israel. Read more >

Something Borrowed and Found Via Sar-El

When my husband Jeff and I arrived in Israel to volunteer on Sar-El, I knew that we would feel at home. After all, we had volunteered for Sar-El before, and we were ready to work hard and meet new people. I never dreamed that I would reconnect with part of my past. Read more >

Going Solo With Sar-El

I am on the final leg of my journey to Israel.  While I have been to Israel, many times this will be my first trip going solo. What am I doing?  I am volunteering in a program called Sar-El or, what is called in America, Volunteers for Israel.

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Sar-Elniks Work and Travel

A plan that combines Sar-El volunteering with traveling gets underway with VFI. Click here to read more:

A Sar-El Experience

Four people from Indiana recently returned from Israel after performing two weeks of volunteer work on an Israeli army base through Volunteers for Israel. They lived in relatively spartan conditions, in barrack rooms that were built to house three bunk beds, but were only occupied by two volunteers. They worked side-by-side with Israeli soldiers and civilians, lived among the soldiers during the workweek, and spent the weekend enjoying Jerusalem.

They performed routine maintenance duties on radio communication mounting frames. Read more >

Poem: Upstairs, Downstairs 1947

Poem written by Sar-Elnik Brad (on right, red shirt.)
























By Brad J.

I Will Be Returning

When I arrived in the early hours of the morning at Ben Gurion Airport, I was rather apprehensive but excited.

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