Read All This Before You Come

  • Read This #01

    Airlines require that your passport be valid until at least 6 months after your return ticket date.

  • Beit Oded

    Beit Oded is the Sar-El hostel for the use of the volunteers on the weekends. However, please be advised that Beit Oded is an “extra”. It is not guaranteed to always be open and available to volunteers. All volunteers should have funds available for weekend contingency plans.


  • Taxi

    When you take taxis, make sure to get the name and number of the taxi company as well as the information about the driver. If you lose something in the taxi, you will be able to find it later.

  • Wear Modest Clothing

    Modest clothing is required on bases. No tank tops or short shorts. At Beit Oded, you cannot walk around in your bathing suit–you must wear a t-shirt with shorts or long pants.

  • Volunteers with medical conditions that put themselves at risk or which burden other volunteers or staff members cannot participate in Sar-El or may be asked to leave the program.

  • Read this #13

    Volunteers should also bring powdered milk should they require it in their tea or coffee. There is no milk available on the army bases.

  • Read This #02

    As part of your Medical Form please list all doctors you are currently seeing. If you are seeing a specialist (such as a cardiologist, psychiatrist, etc.) we require a separate medical form from that doctor.

    Sar-El advises all of its volunteers to purchase medical travel insurance, in addition to their regular insurance from their home country. Be advised that should you need to go to the hospital and do not have special travel insurance, you will have to pay for your hospital bill by credit card (which can be thousands of shekels). Afterwards, you will have to file a claim with your insurance company at home to obtain a reimbursement.

  • Read This #03

    Everyone must have INSURANCE that will cover him/her in Israel OR SPECIAL TRAVEL INSURANCE; AND please bring at least two valid credit cards and cash to pay for medical emergencies. *PLEASE BEWARE  of pickpockets in outdoor markets and other crowded places.

  • Read This #04

    Pack lightly; you must carry your own suitcase. Bring a small bag for weekends. There are no rides from your barracks to the gate on weekends. You are taken to the base when you arrive and back to a central location in Tel Aviv at the end of the three week program.

  • Read This #05

    Volunteers should bring their own sheets, pillows and towels. No towels are supplied at Beit Oded.

  • Read This #06

    Getting a flu shot and a tetanus shot before you come is recommended. Take extra vitamins, Echinacea, Vitamin C before and during your stay. Bring your own cold/cough medicine – just in case. Anti-dehydration pills are recommended.

  • Read This #07

    Make sure you bring a pair of closed shoes & socks (instead of just sandals). Not all bases provide army boots and you cannot wear sandals while you work. No tank tops or short shorts are allowed on bases.

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