Well…this group has gotten as tight as can be. Tighter than sardines in a can.
Tighter than those two soldiers hugging in the background. Jacqui and Susan are best friends. They are organizing a get together in Philly for Bob, Glenn, David Finger, Ed & friends.
The two single ladies in the front, right and left, have moved-in together In Jerusalem.  
Marty, Yegal, Bob, Glenn are already committed for next Nov.
Rotation, as well as a Negev three day trip.  Itai from Berlin wants to volunteer when all the gang are there.  Itai was as stiff as a board when he came.  By the end of the two weeks he was laughing all the time.
Not to mention, the 100s of eMails and photos that are crossing the globe. 
I will organize a Sar El evening on my next trip to Montreal. Sar El is changing lives and making volunteers fall in love w/ Israel. If Israel is at war for its survival, than the SAR- ELNIKS are Israel’s secret Army. My family. 
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