Important news from Israel Geva, COL (Res.) – Chairman

Following the resignation of Sar-El’s Chairman, General (Res.) Zvi Shur, the board elected Colonel (Res.) Israel Geva to take his place.

General Shur served as Chairman over the past ten years with great determination, persistence and dedication. We are deeply sorry that he leaves and wish him a long, healthy and joyful life.

We would also like to inform of the resignation of Colonel (Res.) Shlomo Stav, who had served over the past two years as Sar-El’s Executive Director. We thank him for the past two years, in which he worked tirelessly to improve volunteers   conditions. We wish him success in his future endeavors.

Personally, I would like to thank the board members of Sar-El for the trust they have given me to lead  Sar- El.

Starting immediately, and until an official appointment, I will also temporarily fill Shlomo’s position.

Sar-El will continue to be committed to its goals together with its volunteers around the world.

Sincerely yours,

Israel Geva, COL (Res.)- Chairman
On behalf of the board