[I wanted to say] thank you. These two small words say a lot.
Thank you for waiting for me at the airport. I have never seen such a crowd; hundreds of people in queue for the passport control and it never seemed to end. 

Thank you for your warm welcome, and thank you for the beautiful orange Sar-El beret.

Thank you for your organization to make sure we are on the base in good condition giving us the Madricha to take care of everything, and the exciting evening programs. And of course the touring day bringing us into Israel history visiting the places or museums. 

Here in Beer Sheva everything is best. It is always a pleasure to come back to a place where people know me already (Uri, Dany). The new commander is very friendly.

We immediately felt connected in our group, and even if it is multilanguage (English, Italian, French) we make ourselves understood and feel like family already since the very first day.

When we got the uniforms, the pants for most of the ladies were too large, but with the belt we could keep them in place. We found out very quickly on work how practical it was to have these large pants. As it is rather hot here during the day, they do not stick to the body, and as we have such good food and lots of cakes and pudding, we certainly need a size too big to fully enjoy the meals and desserts.

Beit Oded is fully crowded, and it is a good exercise to learn to handle with all these wonderful people wanting to serve Israel. I met many old Sar-El friends and already new ones, such as Jews from Paris and a Christian from Neuchâtel very close to where I live.

Sar-El is absolutely unique !

Is there anything negative to say in general, just for the sake of not seeming too fanatic or enthusiastic ? There is a magic word to change a negative situation into a positive experience, and Sar-El is the very place it works when I am willing to practice it :

“Wherever  you are, make something better out of it. “ 

For me 5 star Sar-El is what I am happy with, whatever base you send me to. Why ? Because it is about Israel and the people related to it in many ways.

With a big hug,

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