Health Announcement

Lately, we have had a few cases of volunteers arriving  to the program with pre-existing severe health issues that resulted in their evacuation. These health issues were present prior to their arrival in Israel and these health emergencies placed the volunteer in danger and a stressful situation as they had to leave the base.
Volunteers who ignore our health requirements are disruptive to all participants and the entire program as we had to divert time and resources to help people who arrived here with severe health problems.  Our army and office staff are not trained nor equipped to handle pre-existing health conditions. We need to ask all volunteers to carefully review their personal health and our policies. 
Please remember that SAR-EL has the right to remove any volunteer from our program at our sole discretion and at the volunteer’s sole expense.  Volunteers who need to leave over a medical issue will be required to take a year break from SAR-EL and be required to have a more stringent medical release prior to returning to service.  Please be sure to discuss in detail any health questions you have with your doctor directly prior to signing up or email us as well. With everyone’s cooperation, we will continue to keep SAR-EL safe and enjoyable for all participants. 

Col. Israel Geva
Chairman, SAR-EL

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