What is so different about Zahal ?

Normally we think of faceless soldiers, 
Based in nameless bases,
Conducting practice maneuvers,
And fighting for undefined fuzzy issues.
But, who makes up the Zahal Army ??
Young men. Young women.  They interrupt their
… Life and careers to join Zahal.
You see them all over Israel.  Working in restos,
….. the stores, the banks, or enjoying the beaches 
… malls, corner coffee shops, etc.
Sometimes they walk around in their tight uniforms
…carrying machine guns.
They are the sons and daughters of Sabras.  Grandkids
… of survivors of Hitlers murderous plans.
Zahal is different than any Army in the globe. 
The young soldiers know who and what they are fighting 
Sar-El salutes these young Giborim. 
Sar El supports these, your Macabees. 
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