A Miracle In The Negev?

The chamsin [hot desert wind] was blowing and the extreme heat was almost unbearable as we uncovered tanks to reveal the glory that defends us; but the price that my feet paid was beyond belief. Within a few hours the soles of my precious sneakers said goodbye and fell off. 

My feet cooked for the next couple of hours in the hot sand as I contemplated my fate for the [coming] week. I asked the madricha if she could locate a pair of boots and sure enough she found a pair of red paratroopers boots, unfortunately both [of my] feet fit into one boot.

Back at the moadon [leisure center] we found a pair of sneakers left behind by a volunteer that did not fit so scissors came to our rescue but the toe-less sneakers were still a few sizes too small. Now I was becoming desperate, another few days of outdoor work without shoes or boots, but how?

None other than Stan the man decided to move a steel cabinet into the corner of the room and as he did the door opened. Before his eyes was a pair of black army boots, well worn with laces. To our amazement the boots knew my size 10 was needed and for the next 2 weeks they became the best part of my uniform.

Miracle? You decide.

A grateful David Samson

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