Goals of Sar-El

The Goal of Sar-El is to allow the world Jewish community and the supporters of Israel to contribute to the welfare and security of the homeland of the Jewish people. The volunteer work is designed to contribute to the promotion of continuity of Jewish communities by creating a cultural and educational exchange between the Diaspora and Israel while giving all supporters of Israel a chance to share in this mutually beneficial experience.

We hope to achieve this goal by having volunteers come to Israel and work directly in a support role on IDF bases while also gaining a better cultural understanding of Israel through guided, lectures and interaction with Israelis.

The benefits of this program is that besides assisting the IDF in staying prepared, our volunteers also contribute to the Israel economy, fosters friendships and connections between Jewish communities worldwide. We hope each volunteer returns home as an ambassador of goodwill for Israel. Sar-El’s goal is to have 10,000 volunteers annually contribute to the welfare and security of Israel.