Packing List

What to Pack For Sar-El Participants

This will be army-base living, so please be sure you come anything you need for yourself personally as well as a great attitude and an open mind which is the most important thing to carry with you!

Keep in mind that you will be handling your own luggage and living communally in a shared room so please pack light. Here are some important items to keep in mind.

We suggest you bring the following:

1. Towel and bed linens
2. Personal toilet articles: comb, brush, soap, shampoo, etc.
3. Heavy sweat or sport socks to wear with work shoes
4. Warm clothing, raincoat and liner during cold months (Oct. through April)
5. Kleenex
6. Shower clogs/water shoes
7. Sunglasses, sun hat, sunscreen
8. Sweater or jacket or sweatshirt
9. Underwear and socks
10. An extra pair of eyeglasses
11. Copies of prescriptions for any medication you take; antibiotics, cold medicine, etc.
12. A sense of humor!


1. Insect repellent – warm weather
2. Scotch tape/masking tape
3. Individual coffee/tea bags/ hot chocolate
4. Protein snacks, etc., (if you don’t think you’ll like army food).
5. Extension cord
6. Moleskin (moleform) for blisters, corns, etc.
7. Work gloves (some work areas provide them)
8. Playing cards/small travel games
9. Zip lock plastic bags (different sizes)
10. Money belt
11. Flashlight/Phone
12. Small hand mirror
13. Clothesline, clothespins
14. Combination lock


Casual clothes can be worn after daily work period.
2. Good walking shoes
3. Do not bring a lot of clothes – you’ll be carrying your suitcases!

*Laundry is done by hand on the base. You can use Laundromats on weekends.


1. If bringing electrical appliances (shavers, hair dryers, etc) it is best to bring travel versions with dual voltage. The current in Israel is 220 volt, be sure to bring plug adaptors for Israeli outlets.

2. Bring only such jewellery as you will wear at all times.


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