All of our program options offer prospective volunteers an opportunity to live and work besides Israeli soldiers and gain an insider view of Israel. You will work alongside soldiers, base employees, and other volunteers on an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) base, performing non-combat civilian support duties such as packing medical supplies, repairing machinery and equipment; packing and checking all kinds of equipment as well as cleaning, painting, and maintaining the base. SAR-EL offers the IDF logistical support throughout Israel through the efforts of our volunteers.

What does a Volunteer’s work week look like?

A volunteer is  housed in barracks with fellow volunteers and soldiers, enjoy 3 kosher meals a day in the mess hall, and wear IDF work clothes. We will be working Sunday to Thursday (Typical Israeli schedule) on the base.  A sample week would look like:

Here is a sample volunteer week schedule:

  • Breakfast from 8:15
  • Flag Raising and news and directives of the day at 9:00
  • Morning work session 9:30
  • Lunch at 12:30
  • Afternoon work session at 13:30
  • Dinner at 18:00
  • Evening Unit meeting – 19:00

We do try to include cultural events, lectures and activities each evening while on the base Weekends are spent off the base. You can travel in Israel or visit with friends and relatives. We do have some army hostel accommodations and reduced-price hotel rates are usually available but not guaranteed. We have separate programs for people of all ages and we really welcome groups who wish to serve together.

 Year-round, we offer two-weeks and three-week programs that may be extended with permission. Contact your Sar-EL representative for more information.

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