The Sar-El programs offer prospective volunteers an opportunity to live and work on IDF bases to gain an insider view of Israel. Volunteers work alongside soldiers, base employees, and other volunteers, performing non-combat support duties such as packing medical supplies, checking and repairing machinery and equipment; as well as cleaning, painting, and maintaining bases.

We include cultural events, lectures and activities each evening while volunteers are on the base. Thursday afternoon through Sunday mornings are spent off the base. You can travel in Israel or visit with friends and/or relatives.

We offer 1, 2 and 3-week programs that may be extended up to 6-weeks with prior permission.


Magen David Adom

We have an exciting new partnership with Magen David Adom (MDA)! Embark on a transformative journey with ‘Ne’eman Chaim,’ an immersive first aid intensive brought to you by Sar-El in collaboration with Magen David Adom. This specialized program enhances your two-week Sar-El volunteering experience by providing 20 hours of comprehensive first aid training, led by Magen David Adom experts. The training will be split into two afternoons a week, as well as an entire Thursday. Acquire essential skills to respond confidently to emergencies, and upon program completion, receive a certificate recognizing your successful participation. The additional cost for this invaluable and empowering initiative is $300. You can sign up now on our website! 

Lone Soldier Parents

Another exciting specialty program on the horizon is our upcoming Lone Soldier Parent Group! Following the success of a recent group of parents who bravely followed in their children’s footsteps by volunteering with Sar-El in the IDF, we’ve decided to continue this meaningful initiative. These groups not only engage in volunteer work but also receive additional experiences designed to bring them closer to their lone soldiers. If you are a lone soldier parent or know someone who may be interested, please send them our way!

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