Pre-Arrival Instructions

Sar-El will provide you with information prior to arrival but please note the following:

1. Please do NOT book your plane ticket until Sar-El has confirmed acceptance of your application and has given you a confirmation of your volunteer dates.

2. Please be sure you have a valid passport, visa if required, health insurance, and medical waivers prior to leaving for Israel.

3. While Sar-El provides transportation to and from base, room and board on
the IDF during the work week, Volunteers are responsible for their own lodging, food and transportation on Shabbat weekends and before the program begins and after the program ends.

4. Please note that Sar-El can assist with weekend and tour information so please feel free to ask for assistance.

We can also transpose some of the information on the existing site butmuch of it has to be eliminated as the information loads so poorly on the website.