Please note our program dates below as a general outline but please keep in mind that if you have a group, we are open to catering specific dates to meet your group needs if we have the ability and the available space.

Most importantly, keep in mind that all programs begin on Sundays and all programs break between Thursday noon and Sunday morning (You will need to make arrangements for living off base each week during this period). Please keep in mind that all volunteers should land until Sunday noon at 12:00 pm before their program starts and that all volunteers need to be ready for transport (any additional transport to the base due to a missed bus time is the responsibility of the volunteer).

Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions about dates, arrival times or your service. We are here to assist you.

Volunteer Program Schedule for 2019/2020

Notice: Organized groups (15 members  and up) can start a program every week on Sunday