All Because of Sar-El!

I am Don Feinstein and my older brother (Larry), who lives in Flint, MI, never had a Bar Mitzvah.  In 2013 when he heard I would be in Israel, for Sar El, he decided it would be a good time to become a Bar Mitzvah Boy – at age 80.  He arranged with a Jerusalem based organization by the name of ‘Aleh’ to be Bar Mitzvahed with one of their young patients at the Wall.
 It was snowing and raining on the chosen day, so the Bar Mitzvah ceremony was moved indoors to their hospital location.  Everyone in the facility was invited.  Patients, families, staff – everyone.  There was even a Klezmer group from a local school that played for all.  Became one big party with music and lots of food – as it should be.













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