I want to thank you for the opportunity you gave me for this wonderful experience. 
I enjoyed every second of it and it far exceeded my expectations, I really enjoyed the work and the relationships I formed aside from the satisfaction of serving the country.
Wearing a uniform and working in an Israeli base made me very proud.
I feel also by serving I do it for my grandmother on my father’s side who unfortunately didn’t get to see the birth of the country as she perished in WWII.
I have to admit that it was pleasant that we were a mix of all ages from 19-year olds to 80+!! It was a wonderful group I was in and from all over the world! We counted 20 or so countries of origin and mixed Jewish and non-Jewish but with a bond of the love of Israel and its defense.
The ‘bosses’ were fantastic as well as the soldiers and staff. We all shared an appreciation of greek music and dance too! Speaking of which I found so much in common between our two cultures even more than I expected. 
The Sar-El staff from the madricha to the commander were really friendly and great people as a whole. I found even regular civilians and taxi-drivers so appreciative of our volunteering it was very touching. As you guess I got chatting to many people.
Toda raba! 
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