I have to admit, [I was] very anxious meeting at Lod International Airport with all the other volunteers. That morning amongst, I believe hundreds of volunteers, went so well with your clear communication and instructions to us all. Then we were on our way with not only my other nine volunteers to the base, but other volunteers to other Army bases. 

Lastly, but far from least, is when we all met up with [our madricha] Solene. We were so very lucky to have you as our Madricha Solene. You are such a beautiful young lady and a real treasure. We all were united with those feelings about you. Thank you for all you did for us.

Solene, you created a close knit family in us all. We valued all your help and assistance during the day, to ensure we put in our best. Then at night, the activities opened up so much to us in regard to not just Army life but so much more for so many things we did not know about Israel. You answered so much of what we didn’t know in those few short days. Especially for me. You showed how much you cared as you communicated and included us with all that was going on. Thank you so much. So very much.

 Since arriving home, I have shared with many my week with Sar-El.  From my understanding, a number have or will be seeking more information in the hope to volunteer with the Sar-El program. 
 As I said, I am already planning my return April-May. In addition I have sought some real BIG help before my return. I will be undertaking Hebrew lessons. (I know you are smiling now Solene, as you are saying to yourself, good on you Danny, it will sure help you.) 

Lehitraot (my favourite Hebrew word.)
Shabbat Shalom and again todah.
Thank you so very much, and no I didn’t forget Solene.  Have a very special and beautiful day.
Happy Birthday. 

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