Lending a Hand

I recently made my first trip to Israel, volunteering for three weeks with the
Sar-El program. It was an incredible experience.

I could have gone to Israel just as a tourist, but I would never have gained the great experience that I did. I learned a lot about Israel and the Jewish people, and I was also able to meet and live with some very nice volunteers and Israel Defense Forces soldiers, which made my trip a lot more personal and educational. It was also great when other volunteers helped out as tour guides during the weekends.

While the living conditions were not those of a five-star hotel, they were more than adequate. Being part of a team with the same purpose of supporting and lending a hand to Israel was very satisfying. Especially when you get the feedback from the IDF soldiers of how appreciative they were for the support. It is definitely a morale booster for them to see that they are not alone in the world.

After my three weeks with Sar-El, I spent my last five days in Jerusalem
as a tourist. I am looking forward for the opportunity to go again.

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