My Own Israeli Miracle

Natalia S.

Israel is a land where miracles happen. It is known. Here is my story.

I visited Israel for the first time with the Overseas Adventure Travel tour in 2010. We were on Mt. Bental. I was born in Leningrad after the WW II. My step brother and my uncle both died in the front.

My parents were survivors of the 900 day siege of Leningrad. So, the story of Yom Kippur War touched me, probably, deeper than any other tourist in our group.

At the Mt. Bental site, I purchased a t-shirt. Something really banal with a “Golan Heights” words on it. But later I replaced it with a yellow one.

It had a green tree on it and a sign in Hebrew. Our tour guide saw it and explained to me all about this t-shirt and the GOLANI Brigade, and made me very proud of my choice.

When I was in Israel for the second time and was driving to the Kinneret I saw the green road sign with this word: “GOLANI”. I took a picture of it. Now I know that Brigade is not in that location.

But just imagine my feelings when Sar-El bus drove me right to this sign for my first Volunteer shift?

If this is not a miracle, what is this? 

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