Order Out of Chaos

David Greenfield


As soon as my steel wool pad made visible progress removing the rust, I sensed a connection to Israel unlike any other. No other advocacy for the Jewish State I was ever engaged in gave me a feeling of contributing like seeing that rusty super-sized axle on the bench start to shine. 

In my mind’s eye at that moment I pictured an Israeli jeep coursing over rough terrain and thinking to myself, ‘it’s just possible, this axle when fully rehabilitated will be on that jeep and help it run smoothly!’ The epiphany occurred shortly after beginning a Sar-El volunteer experience working at an IDF supply depot somewhere near Rishon LeZion.

By week’s end my team rehabilitated and prepped for redeployment hundreds of really big tools, vehicle manifolds, air filters, and axles. We made order out of chaos. It was an important time, and I knew ‘re-enlisting’ would continue as another measure of my support for Eretz Israel.

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