Rafael Costa Rica


I was born in Costa Rica in 1960, a country without an army since 1948, although with police forces  guarantee internal order and the welfare of citizens. {Therefore it} is very difficult for me, almost impossible, to have a true idea of what is a Defense Army. The opportunity I had this April 2018, to volunteer in Sar-El, allowed me to personally  share with Sar-El personnel, soldiers and staff, both men and women, who showed me not only the administrative and organizational part, but also the human part of the Army.

For me it was an incredible experience, full of opportunities, to know and understand reality, where despite there are differences, there are also common denominators that make us act to defend the values and principles of justice and truth that we all have in our hearts. I was very impressed by the love for their homeland that they showed me, not only in Sar-El, but also in the days after volunteering, on the occasion of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Independence of Israel.

During our volunteering, we did hard and exhausted work, but full of satisfaction.There I learned that one is part of something big, that we are all part of something big, and each contributes with their duty, no matter what is done, be small or big, everyone is required to do what corresponds to them to function correctly, but above all, is the identity that we have as people, what matters, in the place that identifies us and to which we belong

Grateful for this opportunity, where they taught me, that not everything that is said is true and that one must know things personally to be able to value, I hope it is not the last time to share again in Sar-El.

Thanks Daniela and Raquel who taught us the joy of living, Ruth and Alfredo for trusting us and Sar-El, for giving us the opportunity to know the human side of their work and my fellows Ticos who lived this experience, we shouted to the world that can  share in love and friendship.

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